Volunteer Opportunities

Red Team

Position Summary

This team comprises of individuals that have a technical background in IT and will play the role of “hackers”.


To disrupt the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Blue Team networks. 


140+ individuals across seven national laboratories with experience in penetration testing of IT/OT systems.

Volunteer Time Commitment

November 13, 2020: (4-8 hours) Red Team members are allowed time to scan the competition network for reconnaissance. Absolutely no attacks can be performed.

November 14, 2020: (8 hours) Red Team members will attempt to penetrate Blue Team systems throughout the competition. 


In exchange for your time commitment, Argonne can provide CPE credits for continuing education. 

Green Team


This team plays the role of a typical business user and is comprised of users with a variety of skill sets.


Green Team members are in charge of judging usability and availability of the Blue Team systems. 


Ability to use a desktop or laptop computer to check email and browse a website. 

Volunteer Time Commitment

November 14, 2020: Green Team members will test the Blue Team systems during the allotted times.